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Blooms & Flora | Guelph Florist | Guelph Wedding Florist

Bespoke Wedding Florals & Flowers for all Occasions

TUESDAY - FRIDAY - 9 - 6 pm



Blooms + Flora is a Guelph florist owned and operated by Robyn Maude out of Guelph, Ontario, Canada. We offer same-day delivery of creative and unique floral designs, bespoke wedding flowers, and florals for events and other life celebrations throughout the Tri-City Area, Greater Toronto Area and beyond. 


After moving to Guelph from Toronto in 2011, with her husband and their new baby, it was time to embark on the creative journey she had been dreaming about for so many years.


Always having had a passion for flowers and their undeniable beauty, Robyn soaked up all of the knowledge she could through floral design courses, blogs, books & hands-on shop experience. 


With a true passion for local food, the slow flower movement, handcrafted gifts and anything floral - Blooms + Flora is a passion project that will forever be Robyn's 3rd 'baby'. 


Other loves include coffee (all the coffee), laughs with friends & family, a pint of stout from the local pub, time spent with her son & daughter in the garden watering plants {or any time with them for that matter}, a night out dancing, and of course, her husband Ben. 


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