Tanjun Glass Pipe


How to use

The bowl is located on the end which has a visibly hollowed chamber. Insert and pack the bud into the bowl.

Press your lips to the opposite end of the piece.Ignite the herb as you gently inhale.

 Carb - The function of the carb is to better control your intake. If your piece has a carb, cover the hole with your thumb while you ignite your herb and inhale.  Once the pipe’s chamber (the inside) is filled up with smoke, release your thumb as you gently inhale.


•We recommend cleaning your piece regularly to keep it running smooth.

• Empty the contents of your pipe and wipe your bowl clean paper towel & isopropyl

• Soak your pipe in hot water + dish soap for 20 minutes (longer if needed)

• Rinse off and run water through your pipe

• Using paper towel and pipe cleaners, detail the remaining areas for any remaining residue 

Our pieces have been designed to be proudly displayed as decor. Nanou and Clio double as wall hanging, Milli and Charlotte can be used as a table piece and our Hudson and Tanjun pipes can be used as incense holders.

Our packaging has been designed with longevity in mind. Hold on to your box for when you want to tuck your piece away or bring it with you while you are on the move.

  • $60.00