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We've got a great line-up of workshops for the Holidays and New Year! 


Classes book up quickly so call or sign up online to secure your space! We can't wait to have you.


Looking for a special gift? Our workshops are just the thing. We'll wrap up a workshop giftcard in a sweet little package for you, perfect for gifting - just give us a call. 

Winter Urn Workshop

Wednesday, November 28th

6-8 pm


This isn't your run-of-the-mill holiday planter. We will provide you with the most beautiful winter foliages, magnolia, birch, natural elements (including pinecones, pods, etc.) and ribbons to create a truly stunning piece for the front of your home this Holiday season.


This price includes all of the tools, materials, and knowledge to make a single outdoor arrangement within an insert that can placed within your own decorative urn at home.


**If you have 2 urns to fill, we will have everything available to purchase a second set of materials to create a matching piece at home. Just let us know when you sign up so we can have it set aside for you. An additional $65 applies for this option. 


$105 per person + hst

Sold Out

Holiday Wreath Workshop

Tuesday, December 4th

6 pm - 8 pm


Simple, modern, traditional, natural, or rustic - you choose your style and we'll spend the evening showing you how to create a one-of-a-kind wreath to welcome guests starting right at your door this Holiday season. 


We provide all of the tools, materials, knowledge and holiday cheer to create your one-of-a-kind piece. 


$115 per person + hst

Sold Out

Holiday Centrepiece Workshop

Wednesday, December 19th

5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Spend an evening with us making a stunning arrangement for your holiday dining table or to give as a hostess gift.


Choose from a selection of containers to match your decor!


We provide all of the tools, materials, knowledge and holiday cheer to create your one-of-a-kind design that is sure to set off your holiday table. 


$125 per person + hst

Sold Out



Thursday, January 10th

6 pm  -  7:30 pm


Spend an evening with us creating your own tropical terrarium! We will explore the humid world of tropical plants and create a stunning enclosed terrarium complete with the knowledge of soil types, proper drainage, plant types + care. Beautiful glass containers will add style to any corner of your home and you will be impressed with how low-maintenance this self-contained mini ecosystem really is!


All knowledge, materials, and tools are provided. 


$80 per person + HST

Sold Out



Saturday, January 26th

2 pm - 4 pm


Spend the afternoon with us creating your own succulent terrarium! Succulents can be trickier to care for than you may expect (or you may have already learned), and we will teach you the best conditions, soil types, and proper construction of an ideal environment for these beautiful plants while you create a one-of-a-kind piece to proudly display in your home. 


We will use and learn about various types of succulents and cacti, play with decorative accents, sand, stones and more to create your own desert ecosystem. *Geometric container may vary from this photo, but will be similar. 


$80 per person + HST 

Sold Out




Saturday, February 2nd

2 pm - 4 pm


In this popular class we will spend the afternoon learning the basics of floral arranging and vase design. We will teach you what to do with a bunch of fresh cut flowers picked up from the market.


You will be taught the proper handling and care of fresh-cut flowers, the basic principles of floral design and then you will implement these principles to create a lush and garden-inspired vase arrangement to take home and enjoy.


We provide all of the flowers, materials, tools and knowledge required.


$125 per person + HST 

Sold Out



Sunday, January 27th

12 pm - 2 pm

Please join Kristen Blow from Woodside Holistic as she leads you through an afternoon of creating your own at-home gorgeous spa kit and holistic skincare.


Learn to create a customized botanical oil blend and discover which essential oils and carrier oils are most beneficial for your skin type. Create a gentle exfoliating cleanser with botanical herbs, as well as your own delicious herbal and salt bath blend! 


Using your new product and newfound knowledge, Kristen will guide you through a fresh, take-home beauty ritual that will leave your skin looking and feeling luminous!

Meet Woodside (Kristen Blow)

Kristen Blow is Woodside Holistic Skin Therapies. Founding and embodying this space where universal energies lie. Where she has roamed and grown. Here the first step began, with discovering a love of the unique importance of the skin and how it behaves. She experimented with oils exclusively from plants, herbs and healing minerals that nature offers.

Her intuition for a holistic approach led to exploration and certification in the complementary disciplines of Aromatherapy, Herbology, Holistic Skin Therapies, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Facial Reflexology.

She came to appreciate how vitality is weaved by the mind, body and spirit and captured by your skin. This most important organ best reflects our essential health.

Kristen’s wish is for you to walk away feeling wholly replenished, with a new awareness of the skin, to appreciate what it needs and reflects. To leave naturally luminous, empowered to begin your own skincare journey.

$120 per person + hst 



Tuesday, January 22nd

6:30-8 pm

Create a scent that is 100% you, and 100% natural. Join us for an afternoon of smelling and playing with natural aroma. Bonita, of Essential Botanicals, will guide you through the process of creating your own custom perfume blend using their selection of organic essential oils and bases. You will go home with your signature scent roll-on, as well as the recipe, so you can recreate it again and again. 


Bonita is trained as an Herbalist and Aromatherapist. She has worked in the fields of herbal medicine, organic perfumery and natural skincare for over 30 years. She’s been supplying The Aromatherapist, her line of certified organic essential oils, carrier oils and hydrosols to Canadians since 1993. Bonita lives and works in Guelph, Ontario.

$75 per person + hst


with the Sage Soap Co.


Saturday, January 19th

2 pm - 4 pm


We're hosting Carly, Owner and Maker at the Sage Soap Company, for another popular DIY Soapmaking workshop! 

Come and spend an afternoon learning a new, but age-old, skill! This workshop will teach you how to make bars of soap using items that you can easily find in the stores in your neighbourhood. You’ll come away from the workshop with a small batch (4-6 bars) of your own soap and the skills to recreate various recipes and future batches. Perfect for gifting for the upcoming Holiday season! Using essential oils, dried flower petals and mica powder you’ll customize your batch according to your own taste to make a truly custom soap blend!


$85 per person + HST 

Sold Out

Tarot + Wreath Making Workshop

with Lunaria Laboratories x For my Wild

Full! Friday, February 1st

6 - 8:30 pm


New Date!  Thursday, January 31st 

6 - 8:30 pm


As the midway point between the winter solstice and the spring equinox, Imbolc is the Gaelic festival to celebrate the coming Spring. 
It marks the point on the wheel of the year where we begin to start the process of rebirth and consider who we would like to be when we emerge from the underworld of winter. 

Join Stacey Sproule of Lunaria Laboratories for an evening to celebrate Imbolc with Tarot reads, reflection and connection.

While private readings take place in the front of our shop, you'll spend the evening creating your own gold hoop adorned with a variety of dried florals and foliages! Jen + Mel of For My Wild are back by popular demand and will teach the art behind their beautiful floral hoops - bringing with them a special selection of dried blooms and foliages to welcome in the season! Create a one-of-a-kind piece to adorn your wall or to give as a gift!

We look forward to beginning the thaw with you!


$125 per person plus HST