8" Jade Plant

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The jade plant (Crassula Ovata), affectionately known as the friendship tree, lucky plant, or even the money tree, is notoriously low maintenance and difficult to kill. Jade plants have long been thought to bring good fortune to their owners, so they are often given as housewarming gifts. Additionally, these resilient succulents can live for a long time. Reputation aside, there are some tips you should know about caring for your jade plant in order to help it thrive.


Bright light. Tolerates low to medium light. Not suited for intense, direct sun.


Water every one to two weeks, depending on season. Spring to summer, allow mix to dry out almost completely before watering thoroughly. Fall to winter, the Jade can go up to a month between drenching.


Don’t sweat it. Average home humidity is fine; can tolerate dry air.

If you are selecting the "ceramic pot upgrade" we will choose a pot as similar to the photo shown as possible - we have a great selection!

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