Orange Bouquet | Ashforth Press Blank Card

A floral card is truly perfect for any occasion. This elegant floral watercolour card is the a great way to celebrate a bride-to-be, wedding, wedding shower, bridesmaid, maid-of-honour, mother-of-the-bride or flower girl in your life!

About the Artist:

Jamie Ashforth is a Toronto-based artist working predominately in acrylic and watercolour painting. She enjoys spontaneity in her creative process - it is unpredictability that helps bring to life the sparkle in her images. Her imagery is diverse - realistic, playful, abstract, sombre - which is intended to keep her work fresh and alive. Jamie has a long history exhibiting her original works throughout central and eastern Canada. Digitizing her imagery is a new development in her practice, one that expresses a strong commitment to increasing the accessibility and affordability of her work.

  • $6.50