Solid Marseille Soap

This cube of Marseille soap is made in Marseille in the purest respect of tradition. Cooked in the old way in cauldron without animal fat, it contains 72% of oil as required by the real formula.

It is a natural and authentic product perfect for washing the body and hands, also recommended for the care of delicate linen and floor cleaning.

- Its 99% natural origin ingredients formula*
- Its economical 400g size
- It is Made in Marseille

*The remaining 1% is necessary to ensure the right preservation qualities in the product and a texture even more sensorial.

For the gentle washing of all textiles, including delicate linen (baby clothes, silk, lace ...): damp your laundry, clean with soap, lather and rinse thoroughly with clean water. Soak your clothes and always rinse with cold water.

To wash stubborn stains (fat, shirt collars): rub the stain with the cube, before washing. Put in machine quickly. For the cleaning of floors and the shine of your tiles, soap them with Marseille soap then rinse thoroughly.
  • $14.00