Thrive | Plant Vitamins

The same original Plant Vitamins formula you have come to love.

  • 60 + minerals, vitamins, and active growth hormones
  • Designed, packaged, and shipped from Canada
  • Made for regular fertilization of your plants
  • Makes up to 120 litres of fertilizer
  • Measured glass dropper

Plant Vitamins THRIVE Instructions.

Mix 1ml of Plant Vitamins for every 1L of water and water as regular                   

Mix .5ml of Plant Vitamins for every 1L of water for misting leaves or watering succulents and cacti

Use Plant Vitamins THRIVE frequently, up to 3-4 times a month during growing season and 1-2 times a month through the winter to encourage growth and the overall health of your plants. Liquid Seaweed contains so much more than just growth stimulators, there are over 60 trace minerals found in our fertilizer that make Plant Vitamins THRIVE an all around health supplement for your plants. THRIVE will increase your plants ability to deal with temperature changes, stressful conditions, over or under watering, overall root health and much more.